Employee Recruitment Films for Businesses and Brands

How does Film have the Power to Help all varieties of Clients?

  • Film attracts the right type of Team Member by spotlighting the Mission Statement of the Business or Organization.
  • Film displays the Culture of a business so that new hires feel at home on day one.
  • Film motivates the existing Team Members and boosts morale.
  • Film can be shared all over the internet in just a few clicks, allowing you to rapidly and easily reach a world of potential employees.


This film serves as a recruiting tool for one of the most dangerous jobs in the country.

SBA is a telecom company that leases and installs cell phone towers all over the country. They use this film to show “a day in the life” and the benefits available to their tower climbers.

DP: Matt Davis  


Denver Mattress uses this film to illustrate the types of people that would be a great fit to serve as a salesperson for their company.

DM wants to recruit people that are excited, happy and outgoing, and that also want to help people find better sleep.

DP: Chris McKee 


Convergys is a call center that manages the telecommunications of some of the largest companies in the US.

This recruiting film illustrates the office culture of the main office in Salt Lake City Utah, as well as, the types of people Convergys is hoping to attract for their teams.

DP: Matt Davis


This recruiting film showcases not only the quality of Sofa Marts furniture, but also the support they give their potential salespeople to make a stable living enriching other’s lives through quality furniture.

Sofa Mart uses this film especially to show the value they place on being a hard worker with a willing attitude.

DP: Evan Vetter


Falcon Transport out of Ohio needed a film to help attract employees from a generation not knowledgable of the trucking industry.

This “day in the life” film explains the perks and benefits of being a Falcon Driver, and the required training that makes it easy to join their team.

DP: Kenny Martell